Tuesday 17 November 2015

Notification mirroring with Tasker, Autoremote and Autonotification

I am one of those people who like keeping a separate work and personal phone. Pushbullet used to be that great software which mirrored my notifications on both phones, until one day they didn't. This became a real irritant once I got a Pebble Time (See my review) and really wanted all my notifications on it. So bit the bullet and bought Tasker and set about trying to replicate this functionality.

My Setup

Business phone -> Personal phone -> Pebble Time

Basic requirements

  1. Notifications of select apps (mainly work email, SMS, WhatsApp) on the Business phone should be mirrored on my Personal phone - This would automatically make them show up on the Pebble Time
  2. Notifications dismissed on either phone or the Pebble should lead to the notification being dismissed everywhere else

Apps needed

I have paid versions of all the following apps and have bought all the in-app purchases. I'm not sure if the free versions will work as well.
  1. Tasker (link) Can't give a  Play store link because it's disappeared from the Play store (See here)
  2. Autoremote (link)
  3. Autonotification (link)


The basic idea is from this video by João Dias. I just changed the settings to mirror to the 2nd phone instead of to Chrome. What is added is a way to dismiss the autoremote notification if the original notification is dismissed.
I have not set up 2-way mirroring because my primary motive was to get all notifications on the Pebble.
I'm going to assume that you have Tasker set up for External access, Auto remote set up on both phones and both phones set up as Auto remote registered devices.

We need to set up the following actions (Screenshots coming soon)
  1. If any notification (from select apps) is received on the Business phone, trigger a notification on the Personal phone
  2. If the triggered notification is dismissed on the Personal phone, dismiss the notification on the Business phone
  3. If the triggered notification is touched on the Personal phone, trigger the default notification touch action on the Business phone
  4. If the triggered notification is dismissed on the Business phone, dismiss the notification on the Personal phone
  5. If there is an incoming call on the Business phone, trigger a notification on the personal phone
This should take care of mirroring all notifications from the Business phone to the Personal phone.


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